Unlocked Phones. Made Better.

Our designers and developers have been creating technology that makes life more fun and a little easier for three decades. But around 2010 we realized that mobile phones weren’t following the normal trends of technology and becoming more affordable as time passes. If anything, they were growing rapidly in price while making innovations that only get used rarely by a tiny number of people.

That can’t be right, we thought … and set out to fix it.

Better smartphones, better prices.

When we design smartphones, we have a simple philosophy: making handsets with specs that satisfy while ensuring the end product is affordable. We do this by focusing on the essential parts of the phone and making them work together beautifully. Our phones don’t need gimmicks and we certainly don’t pre-install needless apps that drain performance and waste storage space.

Our free mindset inspires the whole process, from the aesthetics of the design to the ease of manufacturing. Once you’re in the zone, you don’t break out of it. It’s as simple as that.

We don’t have fanboys queuing up outside stores with sleeping bags. We’re satisfied with customers who recommend us to friends and technology reviewers who phone us to confirm the price tag’s right.

Prove it!

You’re entitled to be skeptical. After all, everyone’s been tempted by a cheaper option and wished they’d stuck with what they were used to. And being new players in the arena, we’ve got to build a reputation from zero.

Let’s start by saying all our phones come with a 2-year warranty and UK-based customer support. So you know it’s going to last, but is it good? Just watch our video and decide for yourself whether we’re cutting corners … or cutting edge.

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